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Your Nutrition &

Lifestyle Assistant

Shae is your digital coach, dietitian, trainer, and lifestyle expert in one.


for just 54c/day?

*100% Money Back Guarantee. LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Who is Shae?

What if there were a library you could go to and learn all about you?

What if every book was about you, and how you could live life to the FULLEST every day?!

  • Go to the HEALTH section and read all about every food that would turn your fit genes on and your fat cells off
  • Check out the SLEEP section for personalized tips and tools to get the best night’s rest
  • Visit the ACTIVITY section to see if yoga, breathing, or high intensity training was the best match for your unique body
  • Check out the SOCIAL section and see the right people and personalities that are healthiest for you to spend time with, and those who will add stress to your life
  • Go to the TRAVEL section and read a book all about the places and countries that your body would thrive in
  • Stop by the SCIENCE section to have all of this explained!
AND, what if you could even have your own personal librarian to show you around? Or, just have them bring you what you need, when you need it?!
Well, your personal library has been built…And your librarian’s name is Shae.

Find out how Shae started!

Shae is scientifically proven to help you look better, feel better and create new healthy habits that last.

How will Shae help me?

Shae matches the most delicious healthy meals and the best-suited exercises to your unique body (from a health database of more than 35,000+ recipes and workouts).

  • Sleep better – by knowing your ideal rest, recovery and sleep schedule
  • Lose weight – by eating the right foods for your specific genetic makeup
  • More energy – Shae helps you keep all parts of your life balanced and thriving
  • Less stress – relax and let Shae take the work out of caring for your body
  • Improved memory – feed your brain cells with things that will keep them at their best
  • Reduced pain – by taking out the foods and habits that are causing inflammation
  • Great digestion – know the tricks and moves to keep things moving
  • Reverse chronic disease – by changing your lifestyle habits and overall health

Trusted In More Than 120+ Countries!

Experience it for yourself from now on – being healthy with the tools and the strategic ‘know-how’


I haven’t had a headache in a whole month..

Since starting to use Shae I haven’t had a headache in a whole month – before I would have at least 2 and a migraine to top it off – also my mood has improved a lot – I don’t come home all stressed out and grouchy.


Lourdes Varas

California, USA

Shae has changed my life forever

My experience with ph360™ and Shae™ has been phenomenal since day 1! It had been 3 years since my last menstrual cycle (it stopped when I stopped taking birth control pills)… but after a week and a half of being on Shae™, I had my first menstrual cycle in 3 years!! I was so happy, and still am!


Katey Leigh

Vancouver, CANADA

It feels so good to finally be understood

I grew up feeling bigger and taller than most women. I honestly thought I was so fat, and hated my body for such a long time. I had tried so many diets and none of them ever felt good. When I found ph360, it seemed too good to be true. Since starting with Shae, I feel like I have hardly ‘tried’, because each of the changes I have made have felt so good, and the results are astounding!


Erin Kyna

Healthy Weight-loss … Life-changing!

I signed up without reading too much into it and with absolutely no expectations.. But somehow I made it through eating all the ‘excellent’ foods/recipes from my profile for 10 days and don’t want to stop! I lost 9kg and 7cm around my waist in 2 weeks! In such a short amount of time, ph360 has completely changed the way I look at my relationship with food.



Normally $297/year, but for a limited time...

Full Access Membership for only $197!

100% Money Back Guarantee.
Hurry! Limited Time Only!

Billed Annually. Cancel Anytime.

Here’s how Shae works

Shae will hold your hand, get you set up, and guide you through everything you need to know. 100% online setup and instant access – no blood, saliva or other invasive health testing required!

1.Create Your Avatar

Take simple measures of your body, answer questions on health, lifestyle and ancestry to create your digital health avatar

2. Set your Goals & Preferences

Want to look good? Feel better? Follow certain diet restrictions? Don’t worry, Shae has got you covered!

3. Get Healthy!

Receive your customized movement, meal, and lifestyle plans instantly to get set up & follow Shae each day to achieve your goals!

Recommendations delivered by Shae are unique for each person (no two profiles are the same! ) – that’s why Shae is used and trusted by
medical doctors and health professionals in over 120 countries.

“Shae's scientifically proven to reverse health issues related to sleep, stress, weight and chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.”

- Philip Wuth, MD

What Do I Get When I Buy Shae?

Shae is your coach, dietitian, trainer, and lifestyle expert all rolled into your best, most loyal friend. Get instant access to Shae and everything you’ll ever need to look good, feel great and get healthy:

Full access to your very own Personalized Health Library
Shae: Your Intelligent Health Assistant
25,000+ Healthy Recipes
Customized Meal Plans
Weekly Meal Planner
Ingredient Alternatives
Delicious Meal Prep options
Nutrition Tips and Guides
Individual Ingredient Profiling
Grocery Shopping List for Meals
3,500+ Tailored Exercises
Scientifically-Backed Workouts
Strength Training Programs
Streaming Cardio Classes
Yoga & Flexibility Sessions
Mindfulness Tips & Resources
Environmental Health tips
Social & Community Health
Natural Genius Tools
Health Tracker
Step-by-Step Guidance
Global Supportive Community
Full Shae intro & Welcome Walkthrough
Daily Personal Health Notifications

Plus INCREDIBLE Bonuses if you Buy Today!

  • 12 months of amazing Health Coaching (valued at $497)
  • 26-page personalized health report (valued at $27)
  • 7 volume Healthy eBook collection (practical tips for getting healthy) (valued at $97)
  • Private FB Support Group Membership (valued at $197)

Are you ready to be guided, supported, and encouraged to get your body back and feeling great again? Shae exists to walk hand in hand with you, and turn the overwhelming world of exercise and nutrition into a simple, fun, and happy life.

Normally $297/year PLUS bonuses valued at over $2,000.

Get Shae today for only $197!

No risk. 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Memberships Strictly Limited. 

How Do I Use Shae?

Shae sorts through the overwhelm for you, and then talks with you each day about the things that are important – from the best time to wake up, to your healthiest meal choices, how to focus during the day, your healthy grocery shopping list, and even which friends to hang out with or places to visit to stay positive this week.

**Once you purchase Shae, you will be guided through the entire setup process. There is nothing you need to figure out.

Shae will help you to join your new community, watch your welcome videos, create your avatar, and will even send you an email with all the important details and links to follow again, just in case.

**Once you are inside your very own Health Library, let Shae take you on a tour of everything you need to know – set up your meal planner, browse your lifestyle insights, review your exercise plans, set your notifications, or just let Shae do it all for you!

Download all your amazing bonuses, book in for your free health coaching sessions, and learn all about your own personal wellness inside the Library of You!

Nothing more you need to know or do..

See you in there!

Full Access Membership for only $197!

100% Money Back Guarantee.
Hurry! Limited Time Only!

Billed Annually. Cancel Anytime.

What makes Shae different?

Unlike other programs such as Weight Watchers, your recipes and the insights you receive are 100% personalized to you and only YOU! 

AND you have access to this customized information tailored to you for the rest of your life!

Shae was developed over the past 15+ years by world leading doctors and scientists, using evidence-based science and medicine to take a ‘snapshot’ of your body and turn it into a fully tailored program – accurate, relevant and timely nutrition & lifestyle information for your unique body, to get healthy and stay healthy.

No counting calories. No deprivation or portion control. Simply eating the right, delicious foods, and doing the right type of activities or routines during the day for you body – to make you feel 1000% better!

Shae is clinically proven, scientifically validated, and trusted by medical doctors in over 120 countries. We KNOW Shae works. That’s why we give a Better Than Money Back Guarantee. No results? Get your money back AND keep Shae.

So the only question that remains is.. Are YOU Ready?


Personalized Support for your Health & Nutrition.

FULL Membership + BONUSES for only $197*

Billed Annually. Cancel Anytime.

Usually $297/year

*100% Money Back Guarantee. This offer ends SOON – don’t miss out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Shae is normally $297/year. Act today and get Shae for a Full 12 months plus bonuses worth over $2,000, for a one-time payment of only $197!

No problem! Shae is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, mediterranean friendly! Whatever your dietary preferences, just tell Shae and you’re all sorted! Have no preferences? No problem! Let Shae decipher what your unique body needs and take care of all your nutrition requirements for you to be healthy and happy.

Don’t worry, we are here to support you every step of the way. Everything you need to know will be emailed to you once you purchase. And you can contact us here anytime! After you are set up, join Shae’s global community for support, motivation, encouragement and celebrations as you achieve your goals!

Your coaching starts as soon as you have created your Avatar. “Virtual Bex” our co-founder’s digital tour guide, will walk you through every step and 1) Get you connected with Shae; 2) Take you on a tour of ph360 (your Personal Health Library); 3) Get you set up for Health Coaching; and 4) Get you set up for Food Specialist coaching! Yes, this is all included as part of your membership!

We (real people) are always in your online support group so please join the group and come find us if you need anything! We also have an amazing global community of incredible Personalized Health Coaches waiting for you, ranging from accountability experts to qualified health professionals and medical doctors.

Yes! We offer a 30 day “Better than your Money Back” guarantee. If you don’t improve your health within 30 days of following Shae’s recommendations, we will refund you AND let you keep your membership! Full terms are here

You can visit the Shae website here to learn more about this pioneering health technology

Shae is powered by 100% evidence-based science and medicine. 4 year scientific studies have shown reversal of chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and improvements in cardiovascular disease, wellness, and mental and physical health. That’s why we can give a Better than Money Back Guarantee – because if you follow Shae’s advice then you get healthy!

If you are hesitant because you’ve tried all the other programs, don’t worry you are in the right place! Shae uses precision health intelligence, which means no two people on the planet get the same advice. Shae uses your own unique body and genes to formulate what you need, and advice changes as you change. This is not a fad diet or workout regime, Shae delivers accurate, relevant and timely nutrition & lifestyle information for you as a unique person – to get healthy, and stay healthy. And if you try Shae and don’t get results within 30 days, we’ll give you your money back.

Everything can be done online from the comfort of your own home. Simply purchase Shae today, set up your avatar, and be guided through everything you need to know by your virtual assistant! No need for tech emails or phone calls, but of course we are here if you need!

Please do! You are 300% more likely to succeed in achieving your health goals when you do it with someone else, so call them today! And because our mission is to share the love and help as many people as possible to be healthy and happy, we also reward you when others join you! You can sign up here and receive a 20% thank you payment for anyone that purchases via your link.

Shae was developed by an international team of leading doctors, scientists and researchers over the past 15+ years. Yes, it takes a long time to be this precise with your health! Matt Riemann, Founder, played a key role in it’s creation after suffering his own personal health challenge, much like many of us.

Shae is already used in 120+ countries by people just like you! Suitable for anyone 18+ and any level of health, or tech experience. We designed it to be simple! Shae is also trusted by medical doctors and is used as the key support tool for best-practice health and medical management. Please click here to learn more if you are a health professional.

No two bodies are the same. Our food, exercise and lifestyle choices affect us all differently. Precision health means getting advice that is specific to your unique body (your cells and your genes). This allows your body to get healthy in the way that is right for you. We now know that one size does not fit all. That’s why Shae knows YOU better than your Mama does!

Definitely! Shae has a global community spanning over 120+ countries. Connect, share, learn, grow and evolve with healthy tips, inspiration, motivation and encouragement. Make new friends, join like-minded conversations, and even meetup with other members for coffee, workouts or organized functions in your local area. You will be connected up as soon as you create your avatar!

This is DEFINITELY not your average $5 health app! This Special 12 month Membership offer includes your entire health & wellness library, fully customized recipes and meal plans, tailored exercise plans, 100% evidence-based lifestyle advice, and of course Shae: the world’s most intelligent health assistant available on the market, to interact with you every day and deliver you personalized advice to be healthy and happy.

If you buy today you get a Full Access 12 month Membership to Shae! Your membership will be billed annually, and you can cancel at anytime before your next billing cycle. You are eligible to receive a full refund within 30 days if you do not get results following Shae, and after this period there are no refunds.  You will also have exclusive opportunities to go on a health retreat, buy personalized health products, or join special health programs at discounted prices as a member!

The Facebook group is a great way to be supported, meet other people who ‘get’ what it’s like to be you and to stay in the loop with everything that’s happening in personalized, precision health… 24/7! But you don’t HAVE to do anything! You do what feels right for you. We have plenty of members who create a special Facebook profile so that they can be involved with the group and not bother with the rest of Facebook. And we also have many other forums, touch points and group calls where you can connect in with like-minded people just like you!

Shae was designed to make health simple and easy. You will be guided and supported every step of the way, there is nothing you need to know in advance. And we keep improving Shae from our members’ feedback to make it even more simple. You can use the app on your computer or device simply by logging in via a browser. Or you can use the Shae app on your mobile device – or both! Just reach out along the way if you have any questions and our friendly team will ensure you have everything you need!

Oh goodness, yes! A big part of personalized health is getting the right support for you. For some people that means A LOT of human contact! We understand this and that’s what makes the virtual coaching, Facebook interactions and the LIVE events so powerful! All of which you’re invited to attend!

Shae doesn’t replace the need for your Doctor or Health Professionals. In fact, Shae is a great resource and tool to support your Health Professional too! We recommend using Shae in conjunction with your Health Team for the best results, so please consult your Doctor if you have pre-existing medical conditions, or book a consult with one of our Personalized Medicine Doctors to ensure you get the qualified support you need.

If you want to use Shae and you are currently undergoing medical treatment, we recommend you talk with your Doctor. Tell your Doctor that Shae uses the epigenetics in your lifestyle: food, fitness, mindfulness, your relationships and environment to support your body to be healthy. The app calculates your Phenotype and provides recommendations to assist in supporting a positive genetic expression. As you implement the changes, ask your Doctor to track your results with you so they can monitor and update prescriptions based on your outcomes. We have been running courses in Personalized Medicine for more than 15 years, your Doctor can learn more here.

Over the course of our 15+ years of our scientific research, we discovered without doubt that every body is different. However, we also discovered there are certain types of people that have common health traits, predispositions and tendencies. As it turns out, there are 6 main types of people, each with their own unique body shape and even personality. You can take the FREE 3 min HealthType test here to find out with type you are.

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