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Advancements in medical technology have reached a new peak.  Antiquated genetic screenings are a thing of the past, as world-class medical doctors are now advising you understand how your genes are expressing themselves, right now.  As it turns out, you can reprogram your DNA by switching ‘on’ your best genes and turning ‘off’ your worst; what’s most exciting is that this is possible to do every 2-3 minutes, so there’s always an opportunity to improve your health.

Food can be so confusing.  Once upon a time, we thought what worked for ‘one’ person would work for everyone.  In fact, world-famous health authors have staked their careers on teaching methods that worked for them and generalizing to the population as a whole.  Similar to prescribing medication, however, what works for one person may be dangerous for another. Find out how to use ‘food’ as medicine, and as a result, how to modify your diet based upon the way it uniquely reacts to your biology.  

As you age, your body changes on a biological level.  This means the way you once responded to diet and exercise is no longer possible, and not even close to the best thing for you.  In fact, your thought process today is different than before, and your thoughts affect your digestion, nutrient absorption, and ability to ‘use’ the food you eat for energy.  

Digital Trends recently proclaimed that a new app — coined to be “Siri for your health” — makes Fitbit look like a basic calendar.  And while we clearly recognize how many lives have been changed by using Fitbit, we urge you to check out this brand new and innovative medical technology that takes into account your biological need for certain foods, movements, thought patterns, climates, social circles, and hobbies in order to maximize your health potential.  Health can be simple, but first you must understand how each and every decision you make positively or negatively affects your health. Become empowered by learning to truly understand yourself, at an individual level.

If only the we understood this sooner, so many lives — and quality of life — would have been saved.  In fact, the FDA is only beginning to understand the power of personalized health, and it’s forcing government agencies like the American Dietary Association to re-evaluate their recommendations.  Topics like removing trans-fat from ingredient lists have been important steps to improving human health; new research shows what’s most important is showing ‘you’ which foods will respond as ‘energy’ to your body and which foods will respond as ‘poison’, for you specifically.  

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