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The demands of the everyday client are increasing as people seek a more complete and individualised answer to health. One-size-fits-all programming and trial-and-error based approaches are only creating more confusion and frustration for health seekers as they look for accurate and practical solutions to achieving their health and fitness goals. Similarly, as a health professional group, it is critical that our language and health management for clients is aligned and accurate for their best outcomes.
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‘Pairing your experience and clinical skills with the most advanced health technology will lead to better results, improved client relationships/retention, and greater enjoyment in your chosen career, it’s why we are in healthcare!’

– Dr Cam McDonald (PhD, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist) Lead educator & clinician for ph360 Health Professionals Australia

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ph360 is an organisation that provides resources, tools and support for health professionals to deliver the best, most accurate, and the most comprehensive care available today.

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MEASURE over 10,000 health data points in 15 sciences within 30min
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Our mission is to provide all health professionals access to the best information available to support themselves and their clients.

The ph360 Mastery Series & Professional Series give health professionals the training and information required to deliver Personalised Health to their clients.
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What is ph360 and Personalised Health?
Personalised healthcare is utilising the latest scientific and clinical research, tools and technologies to identify the unique genetic and epigenetic protective factors and risk factors of each individual and by doing so providing evidence based modifications in these factors to prevent and reverse disease states. ph360 continually reviews and updates its content through the application of the latest developing technologies and research.
“The overarching mission for ph360 is to lead to major breakthroughs and application in the reversal of chronic disease and pain by the year 2050.”

– Matt Riemann, Founder ph360


There is established and significant evidence from scientific literature and clinical experience indicating that certain lifestyle and environmental factors can alter the expression of genetic code, otherwise called epigenetics. We now know that the whole environment plays a role in health and disease.
The challenge has been to identify the specific genetic tendencies of each individual and collating the evidence for the different epigenetic factors that relate to them. Ph360 has been built over 15 years with an international team of professors, doctors, allied health, health scientists and software developers to be a solution to this modern conundrum.
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