10 Day Health Starter Pack

The quickest way to get healthy, for your unique body & mind. 10 days of healthy recipes, workouts, mindfulness, meditations & more!

  • Full Body Cleanse Program
  • Personalized Meal Plans
  • Customized Workouts
  • Mindfulness Programs
  • Daily Meditations
  • Virtual Health Coach
  • Private Support group
  • Full access to ph360

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Includes Shae™ for 15 days.
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Includes Shae™ for 15 days.


One Year Full Access

The personalized health platform that can tell you what foods you should eat, when to exercise, and the lifestyle choices to help you thrive, all based on your unique genetic makeup.

  • Full ph360 membership
  • Virtual Health Assistant (Shae™)
  • 25,000+ healthy recipes
  • 3,500+ tailored exercises
  • Free health coaching
  • Private support group
  • Scientifically validated
  • Guaranteed results*
Billed Annually. Cancel anytime.
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Billed Annually. Cancel anytime.


Lifetime Full Access

“Just like having a team of health professionals in your pocket”. Truly personalized meal plans, exercises, coaching & support for your unique body, mind & health goals. Forever.

  • Everything Annual PLUS +
  • Shae™ for Life (Precision Health App)
  • Personalized Detoxing on demand
  • 18 page Personalized Health Report
  • Live 1-1 Personal Health Coaching session
  • Online Health Mastery Course
  • $500 Health Retreat voucher
  • All future updates, features and add-ons included
  • Lifetime Status including special offers & exclusive experiences
One-time Payment
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One-time Payment



Better than 100% Money Back Guarantee*

We guarantee your health results.

If you follow ph360/Shae recommendations for 30 days and your health has not improved, we will give you a full refund AND let you keep your membership. That’s our commitment to your health. Why? Because we care. And it works.

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Supporting Your Health Journey

Connect. Learn. Grow. Transform. Thrive.

Health Coaching

Virtual health appointments with qualified professionals.

Health Retreats

A full wellness immersion experience, just for you.

Health Education

All things health, medicine, parenting and more!