Personalised Communication, Learning & Behaviour Coaching

Do you ask these questions about your child, partner, someone you work with – or yourself?

  • Why are they behaving or expressing like this?
  • How should I respond?
  • Why can’t I understand them? Why can’t they understand me?
  • How can I really connect with them so we can work together?
  • What if they had a teacher who could truly see them and ‘get them’ – and help me understand them even more?

Natalie (Nat) Howard is the Teacher, Parent and Specialised Coach who can help you answer these and many more questions to help you make sense of your relationships with your child(ren), family, clients, colleagues, and yourself.

Meet Nat Howard

Nat Howard is a leading educator, mentor and writer in the field of personalised communication, behaviour and learning.

She integrates her advanced knowledge, training, experience and natural genius to help you to understand how and why people express the way they do. She takes personalised health to the next level – the level of the mind.  She supports each person – from children to adults – to learn how to enhance and optimise their self-beliefs, behaviours, attitudes and relationships in flow with their unique design.

Nat can guide you step by step

Natalie integrates her natural genius, personal passion, and advanced knowledge & experience to support you to enhance and personalise your communication & relationships. Take your relationships with your children, family, partners, friends, colleagues – and yourself – to the next level of personalisation.

Coaching for Parents and Families
  • Optimise family dynamics, routines & relationships to meet the unique needs of all family members using the HealthType lens
  • Discover the core needs of each child and how they express, behave and learn 
  • Learn to understand and respond to behaviours in the most supportive way for each family member
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Mentoring for school-aged children
  • Personal & academic mentoring to enhance the school experience and expand their unique talents
  • Develop confidence, connection and expression of their unique identity in harmony with others
  • Build adaptive & resilient learning strategies
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Mentoring for Coaches, Teachers and Leaders
  • Personalised communication training to enhance communication and adapting to connect with each HealthType
  • Learn to inspire, motivate and support your team or class according to HealthType drivers
  • Strategies to “read” and respond to people & situations through the HealthType lens
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Coaching for Personal Transformation
  • Harmonising relationships across Health Types (personal & professional)
  • Mindset resets – “re-learning” behaviours, attitudes and self-beliefs that are in more alignment with your unique profile
  • Flow enhancement – aligning mind & body with your epigenetic blueprint
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