Be Healthy. Be Happy.

ph360 is the first-ever lifestyle program that gives you customized, simple and practical insights for scientifically-proven health and happiness.

When you are healthy and happy, you can contribute to the health and happiness of those around you like never before.

One person affects a family, one family affects a community, one community affects a country, one country affects the world.

A healthy world is a happy world. A productive world. A meaningful world. For ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.

With ph360 You Receive

1. Customized Guidance

ph360 understands and celebrates all bodies. We believe it’s important for you to know and do what is right for you and your unique body. The program delivers specific and personalized recommendations to feel great in loving your body and your mind. No two profiles are the same!

2. Support Anytime, Anywhere

ph360 knows that your career and family are important to you. So while you’re busy taking care of them, ph360 takes care of you, ensuring your recommendations are suited to your current activity levels, health status, environment, stress levels, and mind.

3. Real, Lasting Results

ph360 is a permanent solution, not a one time fix. Results go beyond just weight loss they touch every part of your life. It tracks progress on all of your personal health goals as you go, helping you to celebrate the small and big victories along the way.

What to expect inside

Dynamic Food Report
Personalized Recipes
Menu Planner
Food Diary
Lifestyle Activates Genes
You Don’t Need To Diet

Hear from the Founder of ph360 & Shae

Learn about Health and Happiness through the HealthType lens. Which one are you?

Katey Leigh

With simple changes, health science education, and nurturing support, Katey released mental and emotional burdens.

“ph360 taught me how to love my body. Other people talk about the weight loss but the most crucial weight I lost was the heaviness of self judgement and shame. It’s losing the mental burdens around my body and health that are my most profound success. Understanding I am a Guardian HealthType, and the vast science behind that, and how that plays out in my unique life, it’s life-changing.”

Katey now shares her passion for body love in our Community, including our Lighten Up Series – where Katey shares laughter and light conversational interviews with community members, who have had their lives and relationships changed by knowing the biology and behaviours behind their unique health and happiness.

ph360 technology is now helping users in over 100 countries to:

  • Feel Great
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Mood
  • Achieve Better Sleep
  • Balance Blood Sugar
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Bolster Immune System
  • Celebrate LIFE!

Erin Kyna

It feels so good to finally be understood.

I grew up feeling bigger and taller than most women. I honestly thought I was so fat, and hated my body for such a long time. I had tried so many diets and none of them ever felt good. When I found ph360, it seemed too good to be true. I feel like I’ve hardly ‘tried’ because each of the changes I have made have felt good, and the results are astounding. Exercising feels GOOD, because I only have to do what is right for my body. Eating feels amazing, because I am only eating foods that MY body loves, not what the world tells me is right, or will make me lose weight….

ph360 is Doctor Endorsed

ph360 is designed to make being healthy simple and easy by using the latest science and medicine.

The pioneering science of Personalized Health is helping us to identify and address the underlying imbalances in each unique body. When these imbalances are addressed, we see a significant shift in the well-being of a person, translating to improved physical health, higher productivity, better mood, happier relationships and a more positive outlook on life in general.

Dr Lawrence Goldman, MD
Modern medicine has deviated from its wholesome roots and has abundantly dedicated its course to the unwise practice of addressing only the symptoms and not the root cause of diseases. The world needs a better way to be healthy. ph360 found it.

Dr Alberto GaroliOMD, BAMS
Conventional medicine is incredible for acute things but we’re not very good at managing chronic things and stopping people from getting sick. Our body is our temple. We’re connected to everything. We forget to take time out to just be. This wave of new medicine is driven by the desire of the people, the community that’s demanding something different.

Dr Everett Buyer MD

How To Get Started

Use the ph360 app to save you time and energy so you can focus on what matters most.


Create Your Profile

All you need is you and a tape to measure your unique body in under 30 minutes.


Personalized Recommendations

Discover your very own health and wellness program, so you know what’s right for your body, mind and life.


Look Good, Feel Great, Love Life

Be empowered to live your balanced life healthy and happy.

Our Social Mission

For People

It is our mission to educate, inspire, and empower people to take ownership of their health and their lives. Through ph360 & Shae, we provide people with the necessary knowledge and tools to create personal health and well-being.  

For Science

In collaboration with scientists and researchers from universities all over the world such as Stanford University and Ohio University, we are leading cutting-edge investigations to advance the study of epigenetics and personalized health.

For the World

We are committed to sharing the latest discoveries in science and medicine through in-person and virtual education incentives including courses for health practitioners and medical professionals.