That first step is often the hardest so congrats for conquering it!

Now that you’re here you probably want to know more about how much money, time and effort you need to put in to feel really comfortable in your body. Because it’s never really that easy, right?

Watch the video [3:33] to learn about how easy it really is and then scroll down for what you can do next.



12 full months!

Take your time to think it over - and if you really want that satisfying and pleasurable food lifestyle then simply take the next step!

Taking the Next Step

If you’re ready invest in an amazing food lifestyle and join your new support community then here are the steps to follow:

  • 1

    Purchase your ph360 & Shae profile builder

    Use a credit card or PayPal to make your payment and get access straight away.

  • 2

    Join your Community

    Join your ph360 community on social media and connect with a Sociables group near you.

  • 3

    Let ph360 & Shae help you craft your personal metabolism profile

    Leave the hard work to ph360 so you can enjoy your salubrious food lifestyle!