Never before has personalized health been so easy

If you want to feel the best you can then this is for you. Stop wasting time, money and energy on diets and fads that don’t work. Use the key to healthy body and lifestyle that reside within you. Do the 10 Day Health Starter Pack that is completely based on you!

You can feel as good as everyone seems

Imagine having your perfect body – One that had loads of energy to get you through the day. a body that had no aches or pains. A body that made you feel sexy and confident. A body that took care of you.

If that’s something you’ve been wanting for a long time, then you are in the right place. And the good news…? It doesn’t take years and years of hard work to get there.

You can find your perfect body in as little as 10 days.

Literally. All you need to know is what your body wants to be able to change.

You are blessed with a unique body

Did you know that it’s a miracle you’re alive at all? There is no-one else on the planet who is just like you.

We all have a different body – and our different bodies want different things to be able to change, to grow, to shrink, to function really well.

Up until now, we’ve relied on intuition to get us through. But we all know that intuition can sometimes be hidden where we can’t get to it.

That’s where the fusion of technology and science has made its breakthrough. Thanks to decades of research and testing, the key to talking to your body has now been discovered!

Technology will save your day

By an in-depth analysis of your body, health history, lifestyle and ancestry, technology can now translate what your body wants to be able to lose weight, have more energy, feel clear and vibrant and to release aches and pains for good.

Technology can now translate that into simple, easy to use instructions for you. And only you.

It is all about you

You see, it’s all based on YOUR body and what it wants today. Your body and your life is not the same as anyone else’s so why would you use all the same generic programs and plans for diet and exercise and even love and relationships?

When you can talk to your body, you can know exactly what it wants. That means you can GIVE it just what it wants and you end up with a light, energized, strong and adaptable body that takes care of YOU.

Try it and see for yourself. What have you got to lose? $27 and 10 days of minimal effort?

The Starter Pack takes you on a 10 Day adventure, providing exactly what you need to get your body in great shape

In-Depth Analysis

To get your program, you’ll do a thorough questionnaire, including measurements of your body so that it’s tailored just for you.

Simple Meal Plan

All your meals planned so you don’t need to think! Simply shop to create your meals or order in the closest you can!

Daily Workout Videos

Short, simple activities designed with your body in mind to keep you active each day in a way that seems like playtime!

Daily Food Hacks

From Detoxing to dinner parties, eating out to handling cravings – watch the quick videos each day to get and stay inspired.

Mindfulness Activities

Take a 2 minute time-out each day to re-set your mind with your daily mindfulness meditations and activities.

FB Support Group

Join the like-minded community for support, inspiration, motivation and helpful information to boost your health. You don’t have to go it alone.


10 Day Challenge Access

Join a whole bunch of like-minded people all putting personalized life into practice! Share your stories, your challenges and find support in the extra daily affirmations and activities.

Self Massage eBook

Indulge in a unique art to maintaining your body’s physical health with your “Your Personalized Self-Massage Therapist” eBook. Take a tour of the Tuscan countryside while you gently whisk away all your aches and pains!

Food Made Easy

Explore culinary delicacies with a fusion of global cooking methods! The recipes you find in here you won’t find anywhere else! Each recipe comes complete with alternative options and suggestions for you to personalize.

4 Personal Health Meditations

Discover your perfect health with 4 amazing Personal Health Meditation mp3s with Spiritual Healer Angie Johnsey – Reaching Honest Self-Love, Discovering Your Own Truth, Projecting Your Mastery, and Finding Abundance.

Ready to start?

Give your body what it wants so it can take care of you. For the rest of your life!