Are You In?

ph360 is currently live in over 120 countries and we are working hard to facilitate on-the-ground MeetUps, Conscious Events, and Connection Experiences for like-minded, health conscious souls! Are you one of them?

Why Attend a Community Meetup, Event or Experience?

Are you ready to feel like you are part of something bigger? To meet new friends who love what you love? To reconnect with how you like to feel? To have fun? Let your passions flow? Engage in meaningful conversations? Create new partnerships? Expand your networks? Be outdoors, active and healthy in a family friendly environment? And all with like-minded healthy people that feel like instant ph-amily? Get involved today!

Who Should Join In?

We started gathering many years ago as a group of health professionals. And now, our global community has grown to include everyone from all different walks of life – from mums and dads, teachers, coaches, leaders, ambassadors and entrepreneurs, through to conscious businesses, progressive schools, government representatives and impact organisations. Why? Because we are all human. We are all here together on an exciting journey. We don’t wear labels or badges. We are all brothers and sisters, and all on the same team. So come and connect, learn, grow, share and experience with us and alongside us. You are already ph-amily, and we can’t wait to meet you!

What Happens Next?

Sometimes we miss out on the things in life we want or need because it seems too hard or too scary. This is why we made getting involved is so easy! We have a whole host of incredibly fun and meaningful events, ranging from dinners, parties, movies and game nights, through to family fundays, team scavenger hunts and transformational group sessions. Simply fill out the form below to let us know what you might be interested in or passionate about, and we will have one of our super friendly community members reach out and get in touch with you! No commitment. No obligation. No stress! Just fun, laughter, connection and meaningful experiences with your new friends and family who are just like you!


Ready to Get Started?

Simply let us know what resonates with you via the form below, and we will be in touch with the events in your local area that match! What you do from here is up to you!