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Help Us End Chronic Pain and Disease Around The World

Future Generations are Counting on Us

We are at a critical time in global history where pain and disease have become an epidemic. Our bodies and minds are immersed in a culture of virtual living, separation and disinterest, leaving many with a feeling of lifelessness. The great news is…people all around the world are ready to wake up and now is the time we’ve been waiting for.

From where we are, eliminating pain and disease may sound like an impossible feat. But if we go out to 2050 and look back, we have the technology to PREVENT pain and disease right now. As precision health pioneers, our generation may not experience this phenomenon fully, but with our help, our children and our future generations will have the opportunity to live a life free of pain and disease, empowered to focus on what’s most important. Be the role model the world needs by putting your personalised health into practice.

Be the Change you want to See….AND SHARE IT!

Have you seen a movement go viral? A video on YouTube can reach millions of people in a matter of hours. This doesn’t happen magically. It happens because one person had an idea and began sharing. A community formed around the idea as it is passed from one person to the next.We need your help to change world health. If each one of us share this page with our family, friends and colleagues, together we can reach millions!

We are asking for more in life…for ourselves, for our families and for the people we love. Join us as we take a quantum leap in changing world health. As a Community… we can achieve a world free from pain and disease!

How You Can Make a Difference


Share with your Family, Friends and your Community via FB, Email, Twitter, Instagram, Carrier Pigeon…! Every little bit Counts!


Have a big list of people or know a like-minded person with a big list…? This is the place where we get the word out to the Masses!


Do you have connections to Mass Media, Celebrities, TV..? Help connect us with your peeps to share our mission with millions!


Do you have expertise in Media, Blogging, PR, Social Media, Crowdfunding, Fundraising, more? Join our Team and make History!


Connect your corporate connections to help personalise workplaces across the globe for a happier, healthier day, every day!


Just want to help and don’t have the time? Donate funds toward the prevention of pain and disease for everyone in the world!

How Does My Contribution Help?

Whether it’s putting your best healthy foot forward as a role model for others, making connections or volunteering to join our incredible and passionate global team, however you choose to contribute can improve your health as well as the health of the world.

About ph360

Your ph360 team is a collective of heart-centred, passionate health, medical and tech enthusiasts and ambassadors working together every day to make the world a better place – the best way we know how. We bring together the knowledge and talents of experts from around the world to deliver the concept and specifics of personalised, precision health to everybody.

Our goal is to make personalised, precision health available to all – accessible, affordable and actionable, no matter who or where you are, what you look like, your age, gender, race, social status or what your preferences are. We believe that everyone has the right to be healthy and happy and that Shae and ph360 are tools that can make huge impact once in your hands.

Excited? Want to get involved?

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