A “Social Life” Means Different Things to Different People

Imagine turning up to a social gathering where people want you to be exactly as you are! Meeting up to find…

  • No pressure to be any more social than you want
  • Choosing the healthy option for dinner without weird looks
  • No judgement if you hit the dance floor first, last, or not at all
  • It’s cool to be a wallflower, or the centre of attention
  • That being the person you REALLY are is easy and appreciated

Where real, like-minded people understand that you are unique and look to embrace that uniqueness while having a bucket of fun.

All Types of Social Events for all Types of People

People have very different ideas on what is fun and social. For some, it’s high intensity exercise next to a friend with no talking. For others, it’s a sit down lunch having deep and meaningful chats. While for another group, it’s a bit of fun banter during some activities. Over the year we have events suited to everyone

Monthly Social Dinners - each with their own unique fun twist
Activity days including outdoor activity and movement
Trivia nights, game nights, or just a relaxed BBQ

Join a Sociables event near you!

The “Sociables” community events are open-invitation. Bring your friends or just yourself to join in a healthy dose of social time!  The Sociables environment is built on the principles of personalized health – respecting and appreciating everyone’s unique qualitiesand social preferences.

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