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Shae™, your scientific Virtual Health Assistant includes:

  • 17000+ healthy recipes ranked according to how good they are for you so you ALWAYS have a choice of delicious foods.
  • 7000+ raw food items, with nutritional analysis, ranked specifically for your body, so you understand WHY to eat of avoid those foods.
  • Weekly Meal Planner at one tap so you can plan ahead.
  • Shopping List generator connected to your Meal Planner and Foods List to make your trips to the supermarket so much easier.
  • Insights into your natural styles of communication, thinking and learning to understand how to optimize your relationships with others and yourself.
  • How to create the ideal living conditions at home, work or in the car so you always feel comfortable to be you.
  • Workout planner that tailors specifically to your body and goals with one tap so you can use your effort to train.
  • Daily scheduling advice with interactive reminders to enhance your productivity and fulfilment each day.

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Upgrade your membership for 9.99/mo now and get your bonuses valued at $691!

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