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Our Mission

It is our mission to educate, inspire, and empower people to take ownership of their health and their lives.

In collaboration with scientists and researchers from universities around the world, we are leading cutting-edge investigations to advance the study of epigenetics and personalized health.

We are committed to sharing the latest discoveries in science and medicine through in-person and virtual education.

Precision Fitness

ShaeFit is the world’s first gym-based personalized health platform that allows gym owners and personal trainers to provide personalized exercise, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations at scale. With a simple, non-invasive assessment and app-based technology, each member can access their personalized health manual on their phone, with the touch of a button.

ShaeFit technology licensing and ShaeFit Education are available now for your whole facility.

Epigenetics at Work

ShaeWellness is the world’s leading corporate health program using advanced epigenetics and intuitive technology to understand and support every individual based on their unique needs.

The ShaeWellness 30 Day Program allows your team or leadership group to reap the rewards of every individual working in a way that supports their best health and performance.

Starting at any time, and tailored to your company’s needs, the ShaeWellness30 is a virtual, engaging and results-driven event!


The ground-breaking Parenting360 course helps parents understand their children based on their biology and the powerful science of epigenetics.

Parenting360 allows you to view your whole family through a brand new lens, recognizing and embracing each family member’s unique ways of doing life and creating a harmony that may have previously been only a dream.

Experience pleasant mealtimes, improved physical and emotional wellbeing, better cognition and learning, natural strengths shining, easily manage challenging behaviors, and enjoy calmer bedtime routines.


Have you ever wanted to contribute to a better health system and a smarter way of thinking about our health?

Now is your chance.

Participate in ph360 ongoing research toward eliminating chronic disease. Starting in January, Heart Health and Diabetes programs will be available for eligible individuals. The goal: stop progression and reverse disease. If you know someone who needs support or you are that someone – register your interest now.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning (PL) works with the knowledge that we are all unique individuals and creates simplified systems for educators to support this within the classroom environment.

Using the groundbreaking protocols of ph360™, PL uses a simple, evidence-based lens through which we can understand the inherent traits of children and best support their learning needs.

We see the future of education returning back to the reason it exists in the first place – to provide each child with the unique learning experiences required to support their growth and development, to facilitate engagement and connection, and to empower a healthy and happy life journey.

Health & Medical Professionals

ph360 are the leading education and technology providers in personalized health and epigenetics for personal trainers, allied health, and medical professionals who are looking for an individualized and complete answer to their clients health and fitness goals.

When it comes to health, there is no one-size-fits-all. Each person is unique and, as a result, needs something different to live their true potential. Through a simple non-invasive assessment with ph360 technology, health and fitness professionals now have practical and easy access to a never-before seen level of insight into client needs.

The mission of the ph360 Health Pro Network
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Shae & ph360

Welcome to “Health Without Thinking™” for your sleep, stress, nutrition & entire lifestyle.

Shae™ gives you simple, easy and practical advice to stay in top shape, personalized to you, so you can make your life easy, happy and healthy – the way it was meant to be.

Your Community

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a huge passionate community to change the world! Call us dreamers but we at ph360 & Shae think we have a good shot at eliminating chronic disease and pain from the world by 2050. Yep, that means goodbye cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and everything else that takes our family and friends from us too soon.

Pulling off a global operation like this takes incredible partners and a network of awesome people just like you, with skills and talents just like yours.

Want to join us on our grand quest? Or maybe just hang out with proactive, healthy people to feel great?

Get in touch for whichever suits you best!

All About HealthTypes

For those curious about personalization or who just want a little information at a time, the HealthTypes are a great place to start!