Meet ShaeTM

Your Nutrition &

Lifestyle Assistant

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Health Without Thinking

Shae tells you exactly which foods to eat, how to exercise, when is best, and even why. All based on your unique genetic makeup.


Tailors all
recommendations to your


Helps you take action before
illness even strikes.


Lets you understand your future health risks.


Engages you in real-time
two-way communication


Comes equipped with a comprehensive user manual for your body.


Updates as you change to always give you accurate, timely, actionable advice.

How Does Shae Work?

Shae takes your complex scientific data and creates a simple, fun & engaging health experience. No knowledge required.

Shae measures the outside of your body to understand what is happening on the inside of your body.

Shae then uses healthy foods, natural movements and smart lifestyle choices to help you get healthy and stay that way.

Recommendations delivered by Shae are unique for each person – that’s why Shae is used and trusted by medical doctors and health professionals in over 120 countries.

Scientifically proven to reverse health issues related to sleep, stress, weight and chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Make your life healthy with Shae™ Don’t just Think, LIVE.

1 Payment $147 for LIFETIME Membership

Why Do I Want Shae In My Life?

Shae uses evidence-based science and medicine to help you look better, feel better and create new healthy habits that last.

  • Better Sleep
  • Healthy Weight loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Less Stress
  • Improved Memory
  • Reduced Pain
  • Great Digestion
  • Reversal of Chronic Diseases*

It feels so good to finally be understood

I grew up feeling bigger and taller than most women. I honestly thought I was so fat, and hated my body for such a long time. I had tried so many diets and none of them ever felt good. When I found ph360, it seemed too good to be true. Since starting with Shae, I feel like I have hardly ‘tried’, because each of the changes I have made have felt so good, and the results are astounding!

Shae has changed my life forever

My experience with ph360™ and Shae™ has been phenomenal since day 1! It’s been 3 years since I had my menstrual cycle (it stopped when I stopped taking birth control pills)… but after a week and a half of being on Shae™, I had my first menstrual cycle in 3 years!! I feel great!

I haven’t had a headache in a whole month..

Since starting to use Shae I haven’t had a headache in a whole month – before I would have at least 2 and a migraine to top it off – also my mood has improved a lot – I don’t come home all stressed out and grouchy. Please copy it from here.

Ground-breaking… Life-changing…

The information that Shae provides is groundbreaking, paradigm shifting, life changing – it really challenges the predominant notions that we’ve been conditioned to believe in.. People are going to be amazed at what they find out. I would highly recommend Shae – I think it can change our world, and the sustainability of our world.

What Will Shae™ Do For Me?

Truly personalized meal plans, exercises, coaching & support for your unique body, mind & health goals.

  • Precision Nutrition: delicious meals & snacks matched to your unique body
  • Customized Workouts: look better, feel better, perform better.. anywhere, anytime
  • Body-Driven: let your cells tell you how & when to move and eat to reach your goals
  • Health Tracking: monitor and celebrate your losses, gains and wins
  • Virtual Coach: let Shae guide, remind & support you to achieve your goals
  • Community: connect with others for inspiration, motivation & accountability

Break Through Your Health Barriers


1 Payment $147 for LIFETIME Membership

Better Than Money Back Guarantee

Follow Shae’s recommendations for 30 days and if your health has not improved, we will give you a full refund AND let you keep your membership. That’s our commitment to your health.

  • Full Access Membership
  • 25,000+ Healthy Recipes
  • 3,500+ Tailored Exercises
  • Live Group Health Coaching
  • Virtual Health Coach
  • Private Support Group
  • Scientifically Validated
  • Guaranteed Results


Personalized Health Support for your Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle.

*One-time purchase of $147.