Forget Dieting, FOR REAL!

You don’t have to diet to stay in shape! Seriously. Just find the food lifestyle that suits YOUR unique body and never go hungry again!

Now you can find out which foods your body wants, eat as
much as you like and STILL look fabulous and feel great!

One Size Does Not Fit All

Generic “one-size-fits-all” eating plans are about as inspiring as “one-size-fits-all” clothing. It’s functional, but is it beautiful? Your body is worthy of much more personalized attention and flattering approaches to celebrating and complimenting those curves.

You are worthy of tailored solutions to embody your version of “healthy”. You deserve more customized options than generic fad-diets, templated eating plans, or ill-informed menu builders.

We are here to support you in embodying beauty from the inside-out, by understanding your current body from the outside-in.

How It Works

Just by looking at your body as a whole we can give a recommendation about the right food lifestyle for you. When you get more specific and measure your bones and calculate all your body ratios, we can tell you exactly which foods are right for your body today – to get and stay in shape!

You measure your body for all the data ph360 needs.

ph360 calculates your gene expression from your data.

Your specific advice is crafted for you to use.

The ph360 Digital Platform

ph360 has everything you need to know about food to get that body you’ve always wanted – strong, patient, energized, comfortable with that feeling of well-being that makes you glow with content!

Dynamic Food Report

Personalised Recipes

Menu Planner

Food Diary

Dynamic Food Report

The most important thing to know is which foods will support your body right now to stay in shape. Your Dynamic Food Report gives you 1000+ whole foods ranked in order of how important they are for YOUR BODY today.

It’s not just fruits and vegetables – you’ll find loads of everyday items like cheese and bread along with beer, wine and even ice cream!

Most importantly it is DYNAMIC – it doesn’t always stay the same! The rankings on your FOOD Report change with the seasons, when your body ratios change, when your stress changes, and as you get older.

You’ll never need to guess which are the right foods again.

Personalised Recipes

Unlike any other service, ph360 ranks recipes as to how good they are for you today, according to the sum of all ingredients!

You can even add your own recipes and see how often it would help to have them on your menu!

Menu Planner

When you tap, ph360 automatically selects highly ranked recipes and creates an entire meal plan that will help you stay in shape – for a day, a week, or however long you like!

Or, search and select recipes for yourself to plan and c reate a menu you love!

Food Diary

Watch your progress in a glance! See if you’re eating 50% or 90% of the right foods, track your macro and micro nutrients, your calories and water intake.

Use the guided goals to stay healthy or modify for your serious training.

Get your ph360 today to start your unique food lifestyle when YOU are ready!

BONUS Lifestyle Guide

Your body hides many secrets in plain view. From the same calculations, ph360 can help support your body in other ways too, like:

  • The most supportive environment for your body
  • How to keep your social tank topped up (it may not be what you think!)
  • The easiest ways to harness your natural genius
  • How to use your brain most efficiently
  • The best times of day to exercise, eat, relax and more!

PLUS when you get ph360 today, you’ll also receive the 8 Week Virtual Coaching Program to help you get to know your body, step by step!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your FOOD Lifestyle is tailored specifically to your body, now. You may have some things in common with other people but your FOOD Lifestyle will never be exactly the same as another person because your body and life are not the same – you’re a unique individual.

Shae is already used in 120+ countries by people just like you! Suitable for anyone 18+ and any level of health, or tech experience. We designed it to be simple! Shae is also trusted by medical doctors and is used as the key support tool for best-practice health and medical management. Please click here to learn more if you are a health professional.

No problem! Shae is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, mediterranean friendly! Whatever your dietary preferences, just tell Shae and you’re all sorted! Have no preferences? No problem! Let Shae decipher what your unique body needs and take care of all your nutrition requirements for you to be healthy and happy.

Shae doesn’t replace the need for your Doctor or Health Professionals. In fact, Shae is a great resource and tool to support your Health Professional too! We recommend using Shae in conjunction with your Health Team for the best results, so please consult your Doctor if you have pre-existing medical conditions, or book a consult with one of our Personalized Medicine Doctors to ensure you get the qualified support you need.

You can read our full Privacy Policy at ph360 uses your phenotypical and self-reported information to provide you with services, customize the user experience, and enhance our features. If you are prompted to and allow sharing with other members, phenotypical and self-reported information may be displayed in other users’ accounts.

Join thousands like you loving their body and enjoying their unique food lifestyle!