The ph360 Mastery Series

Designed for current and aspiring health professionals from all disciplines who want a more comprehensive answer to the question of health for their clients

Becoming a Personalized health coach

Why do you need to Personalize your health treatments?

It is known fact that two people with different genetic backgrounds will respond differently to the same treatment. In fact, one exercise, or a particular food can protect from disease in one person, while in another it can cause harm. Knowing this, it is critical now more than ever that the advice you are giving is based on what is BEST for the individual in front of you – it is guaranteed that they are different to your previous client even if they have the same health concern.
In all practices, there are people who don’t respond to treatments that are successful for others. The principles of personalized health explain these differences, and give an understanding of how you can help each individual to find what is best for their health given their genes, and the environmental factors affecting those genes

What is the Mastery Series?

This advanced coaching course is now widely accepted by many of the world’s leading health professionals as the best place to learn how the latest in health and medical science can be applied uniquely to each of your clients to help them heal from issues with sleep, stress, digestion, weight loss and also reverse signs of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

This 3 day Mastery Series includes:

In-depth view of personalized health principles, practical application of epigenetics to real clients, & integration of personalized health into your existing business

Attendance at the conference is accompanied by:

  • Personalized Health Manual for use with all clients at quick reference
  • Exclusive membership into the ph360 health professional community
  • Virtual support and guidance in applying this knowledge into practice
  • Live mentoring to assist you in using personalized health with your clients
  • Ongoing training, support and development for you as you continue on your health coaching journey
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Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who is passionate and interested in health, or for those wanting to better understand personalised health and apply ph360 insights to maximise the health of themselves or their clients. Please apply now if you are:

  • Passionate in learning more about Health
  • A current Health or Life coach, Personal Trainer
  • An Allied health practitioner (Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Exercise Physiologist)
  • A Chiropractor, Osteopath, Naturopath
  • Natural Medicine Practitioners, TCM & Ayurvedic practitioners
  • Medical doctors

The Mastery Series begins…

By allowing you to experience the depth and power of ph360 and the incredible impact that is possible in your everyday life.  It then expands into your community with intelligent coaching techniques for your business, friends or family. Finishing with much needed real-world strategies for implementing these principles into a new or pre-existing business.

The Mastery Series

The 3-Day Mastery Series is designed to allow you to understand the scientific principles of personalised health, learn how to translate this information into usable facts for your clients, and develop strategies that enable ph360 to enhance your current business
“Each of us is unique, there is not a single person on the planet that is the same. We all eat, move, think, play, work, live and love differently. When we can understand how unique we are and what is right for us then we can move towards our intended space and place of health and happiness.“
– Matt Riemann, ph360 Founder 

Day 1

  • Basic scientific overview of personalized health, genetics, epigenetics
  • Understand how neuroscience, endocrinology, geo-medicine, embryology, anthropometry, semeiotics, ancestry and lineage, environmental science, chronobiology interact with genotype and phenotype to influence health conditions
  • Learn how Western and ancient medicines are combined to give more accurate information on the hormonal, physiological and general health state of the individual
  • Optimisation of specific foods, times of day, daily activities and specific exercises to provide your body with the most energy possible.

Day 2

  • The different types of bodies, minds and behaviors and with the basics of neuropsychology and its underpinnings in how to communicate information to individuals in a way that suits their genetic preferences.
  • Real-world examples and run-throughs of using this technology in practice
  • Business considerations for personalized health

Day 3

  • Know how to start a new coaching practice or integrate ph360 seamlessly into your current allied health, holistic health or medical practice.
  • Creation of personally tailored and unique health program to the specific needs of each individual.
  • The ph360 Biotrends: a whole new way to relate to your world and those around you
“Once we understand the concepts behind Personalized Health and the science and medicine that exists to support it, we can apply this knowledge simply and effectively to positively influence the lives of each and every person on the planet.“
– Matt Riemann, ph360 Founder 

The ph360 Mastery Series

This is where your understanding of personalised health begins
Where you can learn to make the most of your potential
By understanding what is truly right for you
Allowing you to thrive..