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What is The Healthy Food Delivery service?

Advanced health programs like ph360 and virtual health assistants like Shae can now calculate your ideal foods and meals from your biology, genetics and lifestyle in real-time. And we now know that your weekly food plan should change regularly according to your stress, climate and activity levels. When these programs calculate your ideal meal plans, we discover the ingredients required to make those meals and order them on your behalf from your choice of local food providers in your area. So you can now have your ideal foods delivered directly to your kitchen, ready for your health to flourish and thrive.

What if I don't want to cook?

And if you don’t want to cook, not a problem. We even talk with your local food outlets to deliver your hot breakfast, lunch or dinner, ready to eat. Want to reheat later? We’ve got you covered too, with hot or cold pre-cooked meals delivered to your doorstep at your desired time.

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(Launching mid-2017.)
We will notify you via email when this service is available.