WHO instructs General Public to Prioritize Personal Health

The W.H.O. Director General has highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during this time, most importantly:

  • Eat a nutritious diet which helps your immune system to function properly
  • Limit Alcohol Consumption and avoid sugary drinks
  • Don’t smoke
  • Exercise for a minimum of 30 mins every day and reduce sitting for long periods with a 3 minute break every 30 mins
  • Look after your mental health through community support, talk to people, listen to music, read, play games

While it is fantastic organizations such as the WHO are recognizing the importance of lifestyle as a strategy to support peoples health and immune system during this time…

ph360 thoroughly understands the complexity and importance of ensuring we personalize the 5 step approach above. This ensures the precise physical and mental wellbeing of each unique person is accurately addressed now, and into the long term!

*Costs waived during the global pandemic period

Prevent & Protect Against ALL Viruses and Infections

Optimal immune function has been shown to reduce incidence of infection, days-of-illness and severity of symptoms. A strong immune system can fight back against a virus and win, ridding your body of symptoms and keeping you protected from the inside-out.

Washing your hands, not touching your face, and staying away from large gatherings is helpful, but if the virus somehow makes its way into your body, you need to be prepared on the inside too.

You can find out more about the latest advice regarding the global pandemic from the WHO here and CDC here.

How does the "10-Day Immune Protocol" work?

Digital technology formulates an Immune Protocol 100% personalized for your unique body:

Advanced Technology: You simply answer a personal health questionnaire, the powerhouse technology crunches 500 algorithms and 10,000 data points on each individual, to deliver 1 simple personalized Protocol

Targeting Effectiveness and Efficiency:The specialized Protocol is designed to support your body and its vital organs to work most efficiently and operate at their FULL HEALTH capacity

Easy to Implement Anywhere: The personalized 10 Day Immune Protocol includes information relevant to eating, moving, breathing, sleeping, and other simple lifestyle activities scientifically-proven to influence immunity levels

"Personal Immunity" powered by Digital Health Technology

Optimal immune function has been shown to reduce incidence of infection, days-of-illness and severity of symptoms. Personalizing an immune strengthening protocol to your unique body and current state of health can be even more effective and efficient.

The algorithms of the Immune Protocol technology calculate the interventions required to get your health from point A (your current state of health) to point B (your optimized state of health).

Used in over 120+ countries, this scientifically validated health technology creates your personalized Health & Lifestyle profile to help your body return to full health – supporting with healthy digestion, clean blood, reduced inflammation, and a strong, responsive immune system.

How do I get started?

Simply create your profile, complete the health questionnaire, and start fuelling your immune system right way.

The 10 Day Immune Protocol includes a specific ranking of foods that are best for your unique body.

Developed by doctors and scientists, there is no portion control and no need to go hungry, just healthy eating for a strong immune system!

You will receive all the information, recipes, tools and resources to make your 10 Day protocol simple and with an online support community, you can share in the fun with others!

Join the 10 Day online [email protected] Series, full of practical implementation tips and ideas from real people, in real time! Daily Group Coaching calls, Personalized Movement Classe, Mindfulness activities, and more! All designed to supplement your 10 Day Immune Protocol experience with some social support.

*Costs waived during the global pandemic period

Am I Doing This Alone?

No! Join the online [email protected] Series and virtual community filled with people just like you around the globe staying healthy and well. Supported by qualified health professionals and medical doctors, all trained in advanced precision health and medicine.

Join the 10 day [email protected] Series! Ask your questions, share your recipes, and enjoy the supportive company. You’ll find video calls and virtual conversations to help guide, support, motivate, and champion you through your 10 days of the Protocol!

If you require any further personal medical or health advice along your journey, we have a virtual team of specialist coaches and medical doctors ready to support.

The 10 Day Immune Protocol outlines exactly what you need to get your immune system fortified and thriving

In-Depth Analysis

To get program, you’ll do a thorough questionnaire, including measurements of your body so that it tailored just for you.

Simple Meal Plan

All your meals planned so you don’t need to think! Simply shop to create your meals or order in the closest you can!

Daily Workout Videos

Short, simple activities designed with your body in mind to get your activity in each day in a way that feels like fun playtime!

Daily Food Hacks

From Detoxing to dinner parties, eating out to handling cravings – watch the quick videos each day to get and stay inspired.

Mindfulness Activities

Take a 2 minute time-out each day to re-set your mind with your daily mindfulness meditations and activities.

FB Support Group

Join the like-minded community for support, inspiration, motivation and helpful information to boost your immunity. You don’t have to go it alone.

Ready To Launch YOUR Immune Protocol?

Fortify your health with a strong and responsive immune system.

*Costs waived during the global pandemic period