Invitation to Get Together...!

Co-founder of ph360-Shae, Bex, invites you to join her on personalized-health-friendly activities, experiences, information sessions, events or just to share the Personalized Health message!
If you would like us to support your growing health community, present a little more about the experience of Personalized Health to your community, health practice or social group, or if you’d just like to meet up with like-minded Personalized Health junkies, please show your interest by completing the form below and we’ll keep you in the loop of the global itinerary as it becomes available..! 🙂

The Retreat Experience...

Enjoy a full 5-night transformation of your body, mind and lifestyle to become aware, inspired and completely at home in your perfect body.
ph360 retreats boast an amazingly talented team of personal body workers, musculoskeletal therapists, health and exercise scientists, coaching and culinary experts.
Be completely inspired when you discover your unique and personal foods, activity, lifestyle and environment to maintain your newfound space.  But most importantly, when you understand the true connection between your body and mind, and embrace your uniqueness is the safe and supportive environment at the retreat – you re-discover your passion for a happy and healthy life! And the best thing – it all goes home with you!
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The Personalized Detox...

Brand New Personalized Experience!
We each have a different body and different ways to detox.  Although a juice fast may be good for some people, others may find the overload of natural sugars is actually bad for their health and need a different way to detox their system.
Your detox retreat is tailored specifically for your body right now. From the type of detox to the specific foods, juices or herbs used, from the amount of activity you do or do not do to the way you relax each day – these factors and many more are taken into consideration when your personalised detox is designed.

Personalized Health Courses...

Experience the knowledge, the passion and the real power behind what makes ph360 such a valuable health and wellness tool. This is where you can make a real difference in your own life and those around you. For those who are interested in their own health through to practicing physicians, the ph360 courses will provide you with exactly what you’re looking for!
Discover the many layers of ph360 including the ph360 Biotypes to help you unlock, understand and implement the full potential of your ph360 program.
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