This is your special invitation to come to a retreat for FREE!

The Holidays Retreat Giveaway!

It is our wish for YOU to have a healthy and happy 2019 and be set up for a lifetime of success! Because we care about you; your health, your wellness and we want you to live the happiest life you possibly can! (cheesy but true!)

We want you to thrive in 2019, to look good, feel great and love life!

When you secure two retreat places for friends and family before December 31st, we will gift YOU with not just one FREE Retreat but one month of FREE personalized health coaching too, with your very own ph360 Coach!


We love gifting to you during the holidays (especially when they are feel-good gifts, that keep on giving!)

Bring friends and make memories...

In 2019, our focus is community, and we want you to experience what ‘ph-amily’ life is really like! The type of people who understand you, they ‘get’ you on multiple levels and support you to be who you are and help you make good choices! There are some awesome people here just waiting to help you be happy, healthy and loving life in 2019!

What to Expect...

Your ph360 Personal Health and Wellness Retreat includes daily meditations, personalized health coaching immersions, wellness experiences, personalized fitness or movement sessions, fun and inspiring group activities, fully personalized menu to your unique body, and much more..!

What happens at these retreats?

  • Lose Unwanted Weight
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Improve Your Digestion
  • Reduce Pains
  • Be Supported
  • Enjoy Better Relationships
  • Feel Happier
  • Be More of Yourself
  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Your Mental Clarity
  • Finally Reach Your Goals
  • New knowledge & support to take home

So how do you make this happen?

There is only a limited time to book this special opportunity and join your ‘phamily’ in Australia or Mexico for FREE – but you will have to hurry and take action before a) tickets are sold out or b) the 31st of December (whichever comes first)!

Here’s the deal, because we want YOU to have ‘phamily’ at home and not just at your retreat – here’s the deal maker… to receive your retreat for FREE, bring 2x of your closest people – friends, family, partner, colleagues, kids, parents – to come with you, to learn about you and to support you when you get home, AND massive bonus – they get to learn about themselves too, and you have a healthy support system to go home with!


Build a 'phamily' who 'get' you!

When you have a ‘ph-amily’ unit around you who ‘get’ you, you feel loved, happy, cared for, supported and life is great! We want this for you every day (because it feels so good)!

Or if you are ready to book...

  • Rally your 2 people to bring with you!

  • Choose your location: South-East Queensland, Australia, or Maya Riviera, Mexico..? 

  • Confirm their places online now using the code: HOLIDAYGIFT

  • Then email us at [email protected] to confirm your FREE Retreat Ticket


Once you’re booked in, a member of our Retreats Team will contact you within 48hours to get you set up and make sure that you a) get your FREE Retreat ticket AND b) receive your 1x month of FREE coaching!

* If you don’t book together at the one time, then make sure your two people confirm their place by Dec 31st so you don’t miss out!


Be completely inspired when you discover your unique personal health code, your personalized foods, activity, lifestyle and environment to maintain your most optimum lifestyle. But most importantly, when you understand the true connection between your body and mind, and embrace your uniqueness in the safe and supportive environment at the retreat – you re-discover your passion for a happy and healthy life! And the best thing – it all goes home with you!

To learn more, speak to one of our Retreat's Team! (also known as Gurus)

Simply fill in the form below, and one of our Gurus will be in touch to have a no-obligation chat in the next 48 hours!