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Our world-renowned Celebrity Chef Mark South is here to help!

Experience Your Personalized Foods Like Never Before

Your answers to creating tasty and energizing meals using the foods that are best for you, tailored to your health and wellbeing goals. Suitable for people searching for more ideas, better health, and improvement in health conditions.

Whether you want a full experience for 12 months of personalized meals and coaching, or simply to tweak your knowledge and cooking skills to maximize ph360 and Shae, Food Specialist Coaching has the solution!

How a Food Specialist Experience Differs

Celebrity Chef Mark South has been living, cooking and coaching the ph360 lifestyle longer than most practitioners around the world. As a result, he brings a unique skill set to the ph360-Shae food experience.

During your coaching you are guided through the program, finding comfortable, realistic goals and gaining a thorough understanding of what you need to do to achieve them in the short and long term. Whether you are going to tackle the whole program, or just one meal at a time, this consultation will allow you to plan according to what you can manage right now.

The unique ph360 coaching will help you to experience the most change with the least effort! And as a special treat this Holiday Season, Chef Mark is here to support you – For a FREE initial coaching session!!

So what are you waiting for?


Celebrity Chef, Mark South

Mark’s culinary experience started in the leading hotels of Europe and has seen him cook for royalty and celebrities like the Queen of England and Mick Jagger. Mark also holds over 20 years of executive management experience, including advisory roles with the government. Today, you can find both Mark and Teneka his partner, a 3 x Olympia world champion Figure bodybuilder, assisting others on their wellness goals through nutritional, culinary, meditation, massage and physical coaching with ph360-Shae being their business core.  

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