ph360 Health & Wellness Retreat

Experience a Personal Health & Wellness Retreat with ph360 and be completely immersed into your optimal health and lifestyle. From the foods you eat to the type and time of exercise, your ideal relaxation to how to recreate it all when you get home. This short break at your choice of exotic location around the world will have you emerging refreshed, enlivened and loving your new personalized life, body and mind!

Upcoming Retreats:

Maya Riviera: February 12-17, 2017

Spain: May 21-26, 2017

Southern California: September 24-29, 2017

Bali: October 22-28, 2017

Target Audience: Those who really want to experience a full immersion in personalized health and wellness. 18+ only.

Global locations
6 day, 5 night experience

Mastery Series

The 3-Day Mastery Series is designed to allow you to understand the scientific principles of personalized health, learn how to translate this information into usable facts for yourself, your family, friends or clients, and develop strategies that enable ph360 to enhance your current business and lifestyle.

Upcoming Courses 2017:

Manchester: January 20-22

Perth: February 17-19

Los Angeles: February 24-26

Sydney: March 3-5

Brisbane: March 31-April 2

London: April 7-9

Melbourne: May 12-14

New York: May 12-14

Berlin: June 9-11

Adelaide: June 9-11

San Diego: August 17-19

Sydney: September 1-3

London: September 13-15

Gold Coast: October 6-8

Melbourne: November 10-12

Target Audience: This course is for anyone who is passionate and interested in health, or for those wanting to better understand personalized health and apply ph360 insights to maximize their own health or the outcomes of their clients.

Global locations
3 day experience