Welcome to the Personalized Health Medical Series

It is well established that individuals with differing genetic backgrounds will respond differently to the same environmental exposure (genetic difference), and that the same person may respond differently to the same stimulus when at a different stage in their life (epigenetic change). Advanced medical practice is now starting to account for these differences through the quantification of epigenetics, giving us the ability to account for each individual in a clinical workload. Personalized health is essential to appropriate care moving forward.

Over the following 3 webinars, you will be explore real case studies using the ph360 platform as part of a personalized lifestyle medicine approach, be given a detailed and broad overview of the collation of sciences used by ph360, and have an opportunity to understand the current state of science with respect to the need for personalized medicine.

Webinar 1: Case Studies in Personalized Health

Dr Cam McDonald (PhD), explains the use of ph360 in a clinical setting, and how the outputs inform specific health interventions.

Examples include: heart disease, digestive conditions, auto-immune diseases and more.

Webinar 2: Personalized Medicine - Concepts & Science

Dr Alberto Garoli outlines the integration of sciences included in the ph360 platform. Information spans from the correlations of traditional medicines in the context of advanced modern science, to the construction of complex algorithms that allow usable computation of comprehensive health data.

Webinar 3: Personalized Medicine - Concepts and impact on public health records and the future of medicine.

Dr Sam Manger outlines the need for more personalized medicine on a public health and individual health front. This webinar see more

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