Why do we need Personalized Health?

With access to the education and technology of ph360, Fitness Professionals around the world are now able to provide a complete solution in personalized healthcare, accounting for the many aspects of lifestyle medicine pivotal for long-term health.

FREE Resources & Learning Opportunities

The best foods, exercises, motivation, social considerations, sleep and even the ideal climate for each client are now available for use within a 30min initial consultation!

Understanding personalized health is the first step to providing a fully comprehensive health program that allows your clients to achieve the results they want.

What can you do to learn more?

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Free Fitness Webinar Series

The Fitness Series – Everything You Need to Know & How to Start. Coming soon, this series will explore:

  • The concept and possibilities of personalized health
  • Research showing that the standard approach doesn’t work
  • How can you apply personalization to exercise and nutrition
  • What genes tell us about how an individual needs to be coached

Live Workshop in your Capital City

Be part of a live and interactive personalized health workshop run by the ph360 specialist team.

  • Consolidate the principles of personalized health
  • Learn about real case studies and how personalized health changes results
  • Have your questions on the practical application answered by those with years of experience in this field

The mission of ph360 Health Professionals

Our mission is to provide the resources, support and education for current and aspiring health professionals to practice their optimal level of evidence-based Personalized Health.