The ph360 Personalized Detox

Slip into the new you.. Release everything that is holding you back and step into life as it should be!
Now is the time to completely re-energise your body and mind by removing the toxic waste from everyday physical, emotional and chemical life.

What is a Detox?

A detox (detoxification) rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. Toxins are any substance that can be poisonous or cause negative health effects, whether naturally occurring like arsenic which can be found in traces in water that we drink, or artificial like pesticides, pollutants and artificial food ingredients.

What are the results after a Detox?

  • A cleansed body free from poisonous contaminants
  • Your body can function better, just like a ‘clean engine’ always works better
  • Your body works more efficiently, leaving you more energized for every day life
  • Signifcant health improvements and decrease in health risk
  • Feeling lighter
  • Brighter eyes, clearer skin, look younger
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Release of excess weight

What do I do while Detoxing?

Just like we have different fuels that are best fuels for our body, we also have different ways to detox. Perhaps your body naturally tends to build up fats in your liver, or maybe your intestinal wall has a tendency to clog so you don’t get all the nutrient you are so assiduously attempting to ingest. Maybe your body just needs to release the extra energy it’s holding, or perhaps a simple flush of nutrients is best for you.. We each have a different body and different ways to detox.  Although a juice fast may be good for some people, others may find the overload of natural sugars is actually bad for their health and need a different way to detox their system.
Your detox retreat is tailored specifically for your body right now. From the type of detox to the specific foods, juices or herbs used, from the amount of activity you do or do not do to the way you relax each day – these factors and many more are taken into consideration when your personalised detox is designed.

What makes a ph360 Detox different to others..?

Other retreats follow the same protocol for all participants. Our retreats follow the protocol that is right for YOUR body, right now.
The style of detox that you undergo, whether it be broths, juice fasting, salads, no protein, smoothies, is determined by your Biotype. It is then further personalized nutritionally by the specific ingredients that your body needs at this time.
Moreso, your detox program is further tailored by the different type and amount of exercise that suits your body, how much or little social interaction is beneficial for you, and how & where you spend your time.
All of this is incorporated into your Personalized Detox plan.

Each experience is personalized..

For example, Jenny’s 7 day retreat may incorporate
  • 1 day preparation
  • 3 days smoothie detox
  • 2 days recovery
  • 1 day booster detox
Her exercise may be intense, followed by light during the detox and moderate during recovery, avoiding any exercise that changes her plane (going from horizontal to vertical like burpees or sun salutations) and ensuring much variety.
She may be encouraged to socialise with other people, in person, by phone or online, and indulge in beauty treatments where she can chat freely with the therapist. All of this in a sunny, bright setting could be the ideal detox for Jenny.

Tailored just for you..

Sarah may also complete a detox, however her program may vary considerably.
Sarah may have:
  • 1 day preparation
  • 1 day detox
  • 1 day recovery
  • 1 day detox
  • 1 day recovery
  • 1 day detox
  • 1 day recovery
Her exercise may consist of 1 hour each day of a class in Tai Chi or coordination challenging activities without any intensive physical stress. She may be encouraged to spend time alone, with guided visualisation or relaxation techniques, indulge in quiet ambiance massage or spa treatments, swim and spend time in a moist warm environment. Staying warm and surrounding herself with soft textures and low or natural lighting may be a priority to create the perfect detox for Sarah.

Want to know more?

ph360 Detoxes are run directly before the ph360 Health retreats at various locations around the world. Your Detox is available as an add-on before your Personal Health Retreat or as a stand alone experience.
Looking for the ultimate healthful experience?
Detox your body completely and then fill it to the brim with personalized goodness at your ph360 Health Retreat!


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