Weekly Videos

Episode 1

Join Regina to create the Asian-insired refreshing Jicama salad.

Episode 2

Versatile cooked Caesar salad with flavourful homemade mayonnaise and pan-fried Tilapia with fennel.

Episode 4

A delicious way to stay warm with fragrant ginger Chicken and black and white rice.

Episode 5

Middle-eastern vegetables with a tahini dressing and oatmeal Tabouli.

Episode 6

Easy, tasty snacks that you can make for on-the-go healthy nibbles.

Episode 7

The wonders of Seaweed and how to make it a delicious addition to your meals.

Episode 8

Using foods with natural digestive enzymes in your cooking.

Episode 9

Healthy breakfast options that are not cereal and milk or cold fruit!

Episode 10

Enjoy an Italian-inspired pesto sauce variations with Zucchini spaghetti and a pearl barley risotto!

Episode 11

Cooking with Italian inspiration and preparing your mise en place for the week ahead.

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