Advice from WHO on hygiene will assist with stopping the spread, but there’s no cure yet for COVID-19. Protecting your immune system is the most pro-active approach you can take for yourself and your staff – at home and at work.

Protect your staff now with the Immune Booster by ph360!

Protect everyone you work with

The Immune Booster is 100% personalized for their unique body

   10 Day Immune Boosting Sciencally backed Protocol 

   Easy to use at home, and at work

  Supplementary, immune boosting food recommendations

  Personalised to your staff and what their bodies need

  Evidence-based science & doctor endorsed protocols

  Daily support

COVID-19 changes cause stress on staff, decreasing their immune systems. Help your staff today, and fight off COVID-19 from spreading.

Why boost the Immune System?

Boosting their immune systems not only helps your staff stay healthy and fight viruses such as COVID-19, but also helps them to focus, and reduce stress! As the follow this personalised, science-backed protocol, in addition to a STRONG immune system, they may also see: 

Improved Focus

Reduced stress

Happier workplace relations

More energy

Increased motivation

Quality sleep

Don’t leave your staff alone in this.

Get your staff support, and connect them into a virtual community filled with people just like them around the globe staying positive, healthy and well. Supported by qualified health professionals and medical doctors, all trained in advanced precision health and medicine.

Do something positive for your staff. They can ask questions, share recipes, and enjoy a supportive company. Including live calls and virtual conversations to help guide, support, motivate and champion them through boosting their immune systems! 

And if they need of any further personal medical or health advice along their journey, we have a virtual team of specialist coaches and medical doctors ready and available to them.

Take a proactive approach in your workplace

Improve team morale

Have everyone connect virtually

Decrease loneliness in remote working situations 

Support your staff with this practive, health focused employee centric approach

Using 24/7 automated technologies, that your staff can use anywhere, means you can use your time elsewhere on important priorities. 

While staff feel supported, cared for by your business, and get health results.

Ready To Boost YOUR Team's Immune System?

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Medical Disclaimer: This protocol is not intended to replace any personal medical advice or protocols. Please consult your doctor before undergoing any new health protocol, and if you are concerned that you have contracted coronavirus, please contact your medical professional in accordance with your local authorities and medical policies. The Immune Booster protocol aims to strengthen your immune system via natural means so you can fight any viral threat to the best of your body’s capacity, however we cannot guarantee, nor do we make claim, that you will avoid or recover from the COVID-19 virus if you are exposed. If you have a lowered immune system, your body may be more susceptible to contracting the virus; it’s recommended to take every necessary precaution in your health at this time. Please consult a medical professional if you are unsure, how to manage your health conditions. The 10 day Immune & Health Booster is designed to support your health. Please note that results will differ between individuals, and results are not guaranteed.

You can find out more about the latest advice regarding COVID-19 from the WHO here and CDC here