CoronaVirus (COVID-19) is the latest viral threat to people all over the globe. Those who suffer most from this virus are people with a compromised immune system. 

There are important things you can do on the outside to protect yourself from the virus – washing your hands, not touching your face, and staying away from large gatherings, but if the virus somehow makes its way into your body, you need to be prepared on the inside too. 

A strong immune system can fight back against a virus and win, ridding your body of the nasty symptoms and keeping you protected from the inside out. Once your body has fought and killed the virus, you are immune to that same viral infection.

You can find out more about the latest advice regarding COVID-19 from the WHO here and CDC here

How does the Immune Booster work?

The Immune Booster is 100% personalized for your unique body:

   It helps your body DETOX all of the toxic stuff that is stopping it from functioning at 100% 

  It supports your body and its vital organs to work most efficiently and operate at their FULL HEALTH capacity

   It BOOSTS your immune system by supplying your body with the exact things it needs to be healthy and strong

How can it be All Natural?

Technology. The advanced algorithms in the Immune Booster protocol use your very own unique data, and calculate the current state of your body against how it would be in an optimal state of health.

Then, it designs completely natural lifestyle parameters that help you to get your body working as it should – supporting you with healthy digestion, clean blood, reduced inflammation and a strong, responsive immune system.

What do I need to do?

The 10 Day Immune Booster includes a specific protocol for your foods that are right for YOUR unique body, as not everyone is the same.

Developed by doctors and scientists, there is no portion control and no need to go hungry, just healthy eating for a strong immune system! 

Simply create your profile, complete the health questionnaire, and start fueling your immune system right way, with the right things.

You will receive all the information, recipes, tools and resources to make your 10 Day protocol simple and – with a whole Healthy community to support you – even fun! 

The Results

Boosting your immune system not only helps you stay healthy and fight viruses such as COVID-19, but also looking good and feeling great! As you finish up your 10 days, in addition to a STRONG immune system, you can also find yourself seeing: 

Clearer skin

Better digestion

More energy

Quality sleep

Reduced stress

Am I Doing This Alone?

No! Join the virtual community filled with people just like you around the globe staying healthy and well. Supported by qualified health professionals and medical doctors, all trained in advanced precision health and medicine.

Ask your questions, share your recipes, and enjoy the supportive company. You’ll find live calls and virtual conversations to help guide, support, motivate and champion you through your 10 days of boosting! 

And if you are in need of any further personal medical or health advice along your journey, we have a virtual team of specialist coaches and medical doctors ready and waiting, just for you.

What Is The Immune System?

Just like breathing to help you survive, your body naturally has its own defence system and kills off many bacteria and viruses every day without you even knowing about it.

When a new threat enters your body, a healthy and strong immune system can fight and kill the intruder. 

Supporting and strengthening your immune system helps you stay healthy and well.

In addition to the Immune Booster protocol, you can order the medical-grade natural supplement Dr. Garoli developed to support your Immune System even further:

Prevent & protect yourself from the CoronaVirus now with the 100% personalized 10-Day Immune Booster protocol.

In-Depth Analysis

To get your Immune Booster protocol, you’ll do a thorough questionnaire, including measurements of your body so that it’s tailored just for you.

Simple Meal Plan

All your meals planned! Simply shop online or at your local supermarket to create your meals or order take-out that matches closest to your recipes!

Daily Movement Videos

5-minute videos designed with your body in mind to keep you active each day in a way that seems like playtime!

Daily Food Hacks

From Detoxing to dinner parties, eating out to handling cravings – you have quick videos each day to get and stay inspired.

Mindfulness Activities

Take 2 minutes to time-out each day and re-set your mind with your daily mindfulness meditations and activities.

Virtual Support Group

Join the like-minded community for support, inspiration and motivation. You don’t have to go it alone – we’re all here for you!.


10 Day Challenge Access

Enjoy daily videos and simple affirmation activities to remind you just how fabulous you are! Share your stories, your successes and your challenges in the virtual support group.

Self Massage eBook

Indulge in a unique art to maintaining your body’s physical health with your “Your Personalized Self-Massage Therapist” eBook. Take a tour of the Tuscan countryside while you gently whisk away all your aches and pains!

Food Made Easy

Explore culinary delicacies with a fusion of global cooking methods! The recipes you find in here you won’t find anywhere else! Each recipe comes complete with alternative options and suggestions for you to personalize.

Personal Health Meditations

Discover personal health with 4 amazing Personal Health Meditative Visualisation mp3s with Angie Johnston – Reaching Honest Self-Love, Discovering Your Own Truth, Projecting Your Mastery, and Finding Abundance.

Ready To Boost YOUR Immune System?

Prevent & Protect yourself from COVID-19 with a strong and responsive immune system.

Medical Disclaimer: This protocol is not intended to replace any personal medical advice or protocols. Please consult your doctor before undergoing any new health protocol, and if you are concerned that you have contracted coronavirus, please contact your medical professional in accordance with your local authorities and medical policies. The Immune Booster protocol aims to strengthen your immune system via natural means so you can fight any viral threat to the best of your body’s capacity, however we cannot guarantee, nor do we make claim, that you will avoid or recover from the COVID-19 virus if you are exposed. If you have a lowered immune system, your body may be more susceptible to contracting the virus; it’s recommended to take every necessary precaution in your health at this time.