What are Conscious Conversations?

Conscious conversations are chats that change your life! They are engaging, interactive conversations with Erin Kyna, with a group of people from around the world, where you are invited to listen, or participate as much or as little as you wish.

Would you like to just sit back and listen… do it.

Would you like to ask questions, or get help shifting something that is keeping you stuck… Just ask.

The more you ask the more you get. This is not just listening to someone talk for the sake of talking, this is engaging, interactive conversations that create CHANGE.

This isn’t philosophy for philosophy’s sake… it’s real world conversations for modern day people.

Accessing ancient and modern science, ancient and modern wisdom, and my own very real life experience, I will give you what you need to create change, TODAY.

These conversations are free. No hook. No sales. No requirement for anything in return. They are simply born from a desire to share, to serve, to make a difference to as many people as possible.

Join the Conversation

Discover tools, learn concepts, get inspired that a better life is not only possible, it’s easy. One hour of your life spent engaging with an incredible community of people equally inspired, having the conversations you’re craving, but are not easy to come by.

You’ll walk away knowing you are not alone. You aren’t going crazy. And you don’t have to settle. Everything you dream is possible, and a satisfying, fulfilling life beyond your wildest dreams IS within reach.

Can’t make the live call, watch the replay at a time that is convenient to you!

What Will We Converse About?

On every call together you will have an opportunity to engage, chat, ask questions, be coached through your challenges live with me, or simply sit back and listen. It’s completely up to you. Join with me and learn actionable steps for you to integrate into your life right now! These are Conscious Conversations, each one serves a purpose!

Week 1
Love, in all its forms

How do we love? How do we receive love? How do we give love? How do we attract love? Learn how to live in a constant state of love, with all of life.

Week 2
Pure Potentiality

Are you fulfilling your potential? What is your potential? Is it different from others? This week we explore what potential is, and how to access more of it.

Week 3

Have you had an awakening? Or wouldn’t even know what an awakening is? This week we discover how to navigate events that awaken us.

Week 4
Discover Who You Are

Knowing who you truly are is the core of a fulfilling life. When you know who you are, and learn to trust and love who you are, you can then share that with the world.

Week 5
Find Your Purpose

Once you know who you are, finding your purpose is more simple than you think.

Week 6
Everyday Magic

Who said the every day can’t be full of magic and miracles? Let’s talk about how you can turn your everyday from mundane, to magic!

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Who is Erin Kyna?

Erin Kyna is a globally-recognized transformational teacher, leader, yogi, and certified life coach hailing from Australia.

Erin Kyna is a globally-recognized transformational teacher, leader, yogi, and certified life coach hailing from Australia. Her soul focus is helping others turn fear into freedom through love and empowerment. On her world travels, she has collected tools, mentoring, techniques, and modalities from spiritual leaders to modern scientists, combining to serve with a full spectrum of life-changing self-empowerment tools and wisdom.

Erin has studied under a high calibre of wellness leaders including Dr Joe Dispenza, Matt Riemann, and Brendon Burchard. Using their expert mentorship, Erin is passionate about sharing her learnings from the fields of meditation, yoga, Reiki, Personalized Health, and life coaching to help others overcome obstacles and discover their purpose.

As a yoga teacher, Erin trained and taught at the Australian Yoga Academy, one of Australia’s largest and most respected teaching schools. She was thrilled to receive the honour of being lululemon’s first meditation ambassador in Australia.

Erin’s own journey began after a life of adversity and abuse. Having turned her life around from drug addiction and domestic violence, Erin now is passionate about helping others turn their misfortune and life challenges, into life-transforming gold. Knowing what is possible for anyone, no matter their current life circumstances, Erin helps her audience see beyond their limitations, and create a life of pure potential.

Most recently, Erin has immersed herself into the world of epigenetics. This fascinating approach to holistic health is where modern science meets ancient wisdom by understanding an individual and their unique health requirements. She utilizes the world’s first digital health platform that can quantify an individual’s’ health status from a holistic perspective to analyze physical, mental, social, environmental, and emotional lifestyle stressors. This approach gives her unparalleled personalization and understanding of individual needs for the greatest transformation.

The strength of her expertise, easy-to-grasp wisdom, and compassionate approach to teaching and leading has been featured in a variety of media such as Mama Mia, Daily Mail, Inspired Coach magazine, and Voyeur, Virgin Australia Airline’s on board magazine. She has been commissioned by numerous brands to create uniquely inspired meditations and is currently featured on Virgin Australia’s award winning in-flight entertainment system and available on all international and domestic flights.

She co-founded The Kindling Foundation, designed to support a more sustainable future for orphaned children in South Africa.

Erin currently manages epigenetics-based health retreats and personalized spiritual healing retreats around the world. She is staggeringly grateful to be living her purpose everyday serving a worldwide network of incredible humans through her virtual Awaken Love Coaching sessions and immersions.

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Love, in all its forms

6th Jan, 2019 – 5pm PST


Pure Potentiality

13th Jan 2019 – 5pm PST



20th Jan 2019 – 5pm PST


Discover Who You Are

27th Jan 2019 – 5pm PST


Find Your Purpose

4th Feb 2019 – 5pm PST


Everyday Magic

11th Feb 2019 – 5pm PST

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