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The EventDateWhat it’s all about
Bring a Plate!Feb 23Come meet your fellow personalized health enthusiasts – bring a plate of your healthy foods to share!
Mindfulness MomentMar 9Join in with the Group Mindfulness experience. Meditation, walking, sharing, relaxation – check your group for what is happening near you.
BootCampMar 24Come for a Bootcamp, stay for a truly personalized approach!
World Health Day!Apr 7Celebrate World Health Day in a casual, friendly lunchtime gathering with fellow phealth  enthusiasts!
Games NightMonth of MayFun, social connection, networking and community building games around the theme of ‘Ancient Cultures’. Come join the fun!
Bring a Plate & Learn something new!Jun 1Come and learn a whole new range of skills and knowledge with 5 new topics to indulge in!
Walk-a-thonJun 17Get your legs moving and your heart pumping while you walk for a cause!
Fan NightJul 13Celebrate National Diabetes Week with us and join in the fun dressed as your favorite sports team or person for a social dinner!
Bring a Plate and geek-outMonth of AugCome along and indulge in a documentary screening about one of the trending health topics. Bring a plate of your healthy foods to share and see your local group for more details!
Mindfulness MomentMonth of SepJoin in with the Group Mindfulness experience. Meditation, walking, sharing, relaxation – check your group for what is happening near you.
Family FunDaySep 1Celebrate Father’s Day with a family fun day! Join in the treasure hunt, games, races, competitions, prizes and joyful connection!
NObesity DinnerOct 11Indulge in your healthy habits with a social dinner to celebrate World Obesity Day!
Contribution CornerNovWant to contribute to something to help the health of all the people in the world? Come join in the brainstorm and purpose session to find out what you can do right now. Bring a healthy plate to share!
Trivia NightDecPut your brain to work in this fun, social trivia competition! Bring a healthy plate to share and put your knowledge-hat on!
Random Acts of Kindness DayDec 15Come join the group as we share RAKs with the people in our community!

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