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The Diplomat

The Diplomat feels content and rewarded with comfort, food and exploration. 

If you’re gifting an experience, give them something that includes food, nature and whets their explorer appetite. Maybe it’s a wine tasting through the vineyards, a forest walk with a decadent dinner over sunset, a gourmet food tour through the countryside, a specialized  course or a weekend away to explore an ancient or natural wonder…

Selecting a gift for a Diplomat that exudes comfort will be appreciated. Whether that’s comfort for the body through a gourmet food basket or body products, for the mind with a good book or puzzles, through daily support with an app like Shae, something for the keen gardener outdoors or bringing nature inside with indoor plants or vast sweeping images. Home made gifts are received with an appreciative air but more so when they are practical.  If your have Diplomat parents, you might gift babysitting so that they can enjoy a spa, a hotel get-away or just a date night.

Giving the gift of Personalized Health

Sometimes it’s nice to hold a gift in your hands and a digital gift can seem underwhelming – even if it is life-changing! Here are a couple of new ways you can share the gift of Personalized Health with your loved ones this year…


Simply purchase your digital Personalized Health product and add the registration token to the gift card! Download the Cards


Share the experience! Download and print the booklet to go along with your Personalized Health products! Download the Booklet 

The Sensor

The Sensor is highly motivated by intellect, knowledge and creativity.  If you’re gifting an experience, give them something intriguing, historic or futuristic and all-immersing. Maybe it’s a guided tour of ‘behind the scenes’ of their passion – maybe it’s music, theatre, tech, or even the museum, a tour of the local gourmet food and wine area, a pampering day at the spa, a night at the theatre or a weekend away in quiet, peaceful warmth.  Select a gift for a Sensor that allows them to recharge including time alone to do what they choose to do is a winning gift all-round. Perhaps it’s a new gadget or tool or a course that helps to really delve deep into their passion, a book by their favourite author or simply time to indulge in their own space. 

A Sensor tends to like to have control over their situations so, unless you know exactly which fragrance, book or moisturiser they use, it’s probably safest to give them a voucher attached to a small, useful gift. For example, a key chain, baggage tags, a tasteful re-usable shopping bag, dry shampoo, body soap or a bouquet of edible goodies (that they can actually eat!). 

The Connector

Being able to share an experience with other people is the icing on the cake for a Connector so gifting things that a Connector can share is important.

If you’re gifting an experience, give them something exciting, new and fun. Maybe it’s a group tour of the local gourmet food and wine area, a night out for karaoke, a cooking workshop, something to learn that involves others, or even just dinner out at the brand new restaurant that has opened down the street…and don’t just give them a gift certificate, take them! Make them feel special and spend time with them because it’s the shared experience that’s the real magic!   

If you want something from a store, other than food, you could get a game you can play together (like adult board games), music they can put on and have everyone listen to, or even something that’s shared just between you two like one of those friendship necklaces, a matching set of something where you each get one so that you think of each other every time it’s used. Or even a framed picture!

The Guardian

Nurturing, giving, connecting, and caring gives the Guardian their influx of happy hormones, whether it’s with people, plants, animals or projects!

If you’re gifting an experience, give them something that they can share with loved ones. Maybe its a couple of tickets to a movie, sports game or theatre show, an online course where they can learn about those they love, or a dinner out with the family, or perhaps even a festival experience like a food and wine show. Or perhaps it’s Shae – just a way that they can feel fabulous every day to spend that quality time with family and loved ones. 

Select a gift for a Guardian that shows you care. It doesn’t necessarily need to be practical – home-made gifts are received well, especially delicious ones like preserves or sweet treats (with a natural sweetener of course like Stevia or honey). Vouchers from the family for hugs, family dinners and spending time together are valued highly. 

Gifts to give

Do you want your loved ones to live to their full potential? Personalized Health is the gift that truly keeps on giving – more energy, more satisfaction and more happiness each and every day! Simply purchase a personalized health gift and use the gift cards above to give it!


The gift of understanding in a self-paced, online course for parents and caregivers.  Learn More 


Give the Personalized Detox. Combine it with the Voucher Booklet to share the experience! Give Now


Give a 1-Year Shae Memberhsip with Bonus Monthly Group Coaching for a gift that keeps giving! Buy Now

The Activator

A physical challenge, problem to solve or things that need immediate action are great motivators for an Activator. The Activator needs to feel a sense of freedom to move. If you’re gifting an experience, give them something exciting, new and adventurous. Maybe it’s a day ziplining or abseiling, an early morning hike up the mountain, a class where they can use their hands like pottery or woodworking, festival tickets or an active weekend away.

An activator will appreciate a gift that can be used – whether it’s for fun or for a serious purpose. Sports or music equipment if they practice, stylish activewear, an app like Shae that they can use every single day, and things to help them stay on the go like food containers, a re-usable water bottle or hot-drink cup…

The Activator is constantly putting in effort to get things done so thanking them for the things they do as well as who they are helps to make them feel appreciated.

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The Crusader

Crusaders pursue their goals relentlessly, often to the point of being perceived as workaholics or addicted to their purpose.

If you’re gifting an experience, give them something that will elevate their status, like a club membership, accelerate their learning with an online course or perhaps an event ticket or improve their prowess in the world with something that requires a high level of skill and concentration like a race track session, or aerial yoga class. 

Select a gift for a Crusader that is either efficiently practical or shows status. Electronic gadgets that measure progress or make work life more efficient will be appreciated or practical, designer label goods like watches, and accessories will be used. 

Other gifts that remove the time-consuming everyday tasks like laundry, meal or cleaning vouchers will be a blessing!

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